The story of a girl who finds herself - and then eats herself.


Meggie Maddock as Novella McClure

Meggie Maddock is a vibrant and captivating actress. With several years in the industry working on numerous film and television productions, she recently starred in Eat as ‘Novella McClure’ with Pretty People Pictures, as ‘Marilyn Monroe’ in Dear Eleanor directed by Kevin Connolly, and in Bouquet of Consequence as ‘Rachel Thomas’ with LA Motion Pix.  She was recently nominated for "Best Actress" at the Terror Film Fest in Philadelphia. She enjoys playing all sports and activities, including basketball, yoga, salsa dancing and photography.

Ali Frances as Candice

After landing numerous leading roles in a variety plays throughout her youth and into high school, Ali Frances was given the chance to perform at the La Ma Ma Theater in New York City her freshmen year of college.  Since then, she has been passionately pursuing her dreams of film, modeling and music. She loves camping, hiking and skate boarding. Teaching and mentoring children of all ages and backgrounds is what keeps her inspired to be a better person as well as her amazing friends, family and husband. Eat is not only her first feature film, but without a doubt one of Ali Francis’s greatest film accomplishments.

Jeremy Make as Dr. Simon

Jeremy has been engaged with the arts in Colorado for nearly two decades as a director, actor, producer, and teacher.  He is most proud of his work in Eat as Dr. Simon, his collaborations with Jamin and Kiowa Winans on Ink and Uncle Jack, and his feature documentary kART Across America about his 100-day adventure around the country on a golf kart asking people, "What's your art?"  Jeremy is currently pursuing a Masters in Health Communication at the University of Colorado Denver where he is also the Lead Learner for undergraduate speaking courses and a Puksta Foundation Fellow.  You can view his documentary at

Dakota Pike as Tracy

Dakota Jordan Pike also known as Dakota Lamas was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. At just 6 years old, Dakota competed in pageants, reigning titles such as Miss Photogenic and Miss Congeniality. Dakota discovered her fierce ambition and love for entertainment when she landed a GUESS campaign that ultimately lead her to find her passion for acting as well as singing. By the time Dakota hit her teens, she was writing and recording an album. Her first single was featured on the beginning and closing season finale of Leave it to Lamas, her family's reality show on E! Network where she was the blue-eyed beauty, moral compass, and "normal" one of the Lamas clan.


Jimmy Weber • Writer / Director / Editor

Jimmy’s love for movies began when he saw Terminator 2: Judgement Day at seven-years-old. Years later, he graduated from the University of Colorado Denver where he studied Writing and Directing Film. This lead to a series of successful short films including Incubator which played at Fantastic Fest, Fantasia, Screamfest and over 50 other festivals and won 13 awards. Eat is his feature length debut as a writer/director. Parts of the film are funny, other parts are gory and some parts of Eat are even touching. Jimmy hopes EAT showcases his ability to dramatically shift tones within a single film.

Annie Baker • Producer

If things had worked out as Annie planned, she would've been the youngest member of Kids Incorporated at age 7.  Instead, she settled for dancing along at home and spent her adolescence watching movies released well before her time.  Annie graduated from the University of Colorado Denver where she began collaborating with Jimmy Weber.  While horror isn’t her favorite genre, she loves watching other people squirm.  Annie has produced many short films, including Incubator, which played at over 50 festivals and won 13 awards.  Eat is Annie's first feature length producing credit.  Someday, Annie hopes to produce a film with less killing and more dancing.

Jon Stevenson • Director of Photography

Jon Stevenson was born in Denver, CO. His father Don was a videographer CBS News for nearly 30 years, meaning Jon spent most of his formative years in editing rooms, on location shoots, and under the lights. Early on, he discovered a passion for cinematography and storytelling. He purchased his first camera at age 13 and began working as a freelance videographer at age 17. He has been building a career in film and commercial production ever since. Jon has a Bachelors in Cinematography from the University of Colorado, Denver and owns Elevation Digital Media, a Denver-based production company.

in association with CHAPTER TEN FILMS
first assistant director TARA HUNTER special effects by MONSTER MAKEUP FX
director of photography JON STEVENSON
executive producers JIMMY WEBER and JON STEVENSON
produced by ANNIE BAKER  written / directed / edited by JIMMY WEBER