The story of a girl who finds herself - and then eats herself.


The Making of EAT: Web Series chronicles the fast paced and bloody 15 day production of the horror film, EAT (2014).  The series follows first time writer/director Jimmy Weber and his small cast and crew of highly skilled filmmakers as they tackle the world of microbudget filmmaking.  From gory props to production hiccups to quirky crew members, The Making of EAT: Web Series is a must-see for any fan of EAT or those too squeamish to actually watch it.


Day 1.  16 Pages.  1st time director.  This could go one of two ways.  Which will it be?

On the first day of production, it would make sense to ease your way into the hard stuff, right?  Well, we chose to hit the ground running and shot 16 pages of dialogue on our first day.  Disco balls and dance lights fill the frame as the cast and crew of EAT (2014) film four club scenes.  If they get through the day, the rest of the production will be a breeze.  So the question remains, can they pull it off?


Day 2.  The first gore day finds us in a bloody bathroom with an eaten foot.

After surviving the first day, the cast and crew of EAT (2014) set out to prove they really can handle anything.  Jimmy bloodies up his own bathroom to create the aftermath of Novella’s eaten foot.  Jon tries out a garbage bag suit to shoot some shower sequences.  And Annie has trouble painting Meggie’s nails for an opening sequence.


Day 3.  We forget a key prop and Jeremy eats a bunch of garlic before a sex scene.

The cast and crew of EAT (2014) hit their first bump in the road when an arm bandage is forgotten.  Meggie learns it’s a bummer when your partner in a love scene eats an entire head of garlic.  Jimmy searches his apartment for a set of keys.  And Jon encounters a particularly difficult follow focus shot.


Day 4.  Car day!  We tackle our first big FX shot of the movie: The Zipper Pull!

Car day!  Jon sets up a unique camera rig specifically for a series of car shots.  Jimmy learns Meggie’s driving habits make him motion sick.  And the cast and crew of EAT (2014) tackle their first big special effects shot of the movie: The Zipper Pull!  Will it turn out the way they had envisioned?

Day Five

Day 5.  We film some Dr. Simon scenes before a snowstorm derails our plans.

We venture to a new location to film some Dr. Simon scenes with Jeremy Make.  Dakota Pike (Tracy Armstrong) makes her first appearance on set to film her final scenes of the film.  And the cast and crew of EAT (2014) must find a new location to film an exterior scene after a snowstorm derails their original plan.

Day Six

Day 6.  We end our first week filming one of our favorite scenes in EAT: The Audition.

The snow continues to pour as the cast and crew of EAT (2014) finish their first week of production.  They start by filming “The Audition” scene which would later become one of the most talked about moments in the film.  Jimmy and crew build a sequence using trial and error on set.  Josh Staab (Brad Hatcher) explains what happened when Meggie throws a pile of headshots at his face.  And after a company move, the team films their final scene of the week.

Day Seven

Day 7.  We film the only scenes in EAT where there is actual food.

After a day off, the cast and crew of EAT (2014) get back in the saddle and film some restaurant scenes.  Jeremy references a classic comedy but it falls flat with Jimmy and Meggie.

Day Eight

Day 8.  We shoot our actresses with a blood canon and it’s absolutely hilarious.

The cast and crew of EAT (2014) begin filming scenes at Novella’s Apartment location and it’s smaller than anyone realized.  Meggie and Candice both get a shot of blood to the face from Monster Makeup FX’s homemade blood canon.  And Jimmy and Tara discuss the next day’s plan.

Day Nine

Day 9.  We have our first “relaxing” day before filming EAT’s bloodsoaked final scene.

The cast and crew of EAT (2014) experience their first “relaxing” day, filming numerous inserts and small shots.  The mad scientists of Monster Makeup FX show off some of their sinister instruments of gore.  Jimmy, Jon, Tara and Annie have a memorable production meeting before tackling the final scene of the film.  If you’ve seen EAT, this is how we captured the final haunting images.   

Day Ten

Day 10.  Watch the most intense day of the entire production: The Foot Eating Scene!

The cast and crew of EAT (2014) start off the day with some pedicure shots before shooting the most intense scene of the film.  Jimmy and Jon film nearly a dozen takes of a toenail just to get the perfect shot.  Jimmy scours the set for an extra condom to make one last blood pack.  And bite after bite, Meggie devours her own foot.  

Day Eleven

Day 11.  Meggie eats her arm and it’s the bloodiest footage of the web series.

Another day, another limb being eaten.  The cast and crew of EAT (2014) experience another bloody day on set.  Meggie eats her arm in the goriest footage of this web series.  And Jimmy and David get a good laugh as Ali tries to “smash” Maru’s foot for a scene.

Day Twelve

Day 12.  We shoot some hospital scenes and improvise a garage scene.

The cast and crew of EAT (2014) descend on the Cape Center medical facility to film a hospital scene.  Jimmy introduces us to some non-human characters at the facility.  And the crew has a long night filming a garage sequence that has to be made up on the spot.

Day Thirteen

Day 13.  It’s April Fool’s Day and Jeremy has a prank lined up.  Will Jimmy fall for it?

On April Fool’s Day, the cast and crew of EAT (2014) are hard at work on a lot of “Dream Sequence” footage that won’t make the final film.  Jeremy discovers whether or not his long planned prank will actually work.  And Jon shows us a cool camera trick used in the film.

Day Fourteen

Day 14. Happy New Years! Only two days of filming left and it ain’t getting easier.

With only two days of filming left, the cast and crew of EAT (2014) complete a light but tough day.  Meggie, Ali and Maru rehearse lines and discuss bodily functions in other languages.  Jimmy, Jon and Tara discuss the days shoot in terms no one else will understand.  And how many cast and crew members does it take to properly time a light switch turning on?

Day Fifteen

Day 15.  Final day of shooting! Jimmy gives an emotional farewell to the cast and crew.

The cast and crew of EAT (2014) embark on their final day of production.  Jimmy and the Monster Makeup FX crew place Meggie in the nastiest position for a closing scene.  Ali, Jimmy and Meggie block and rehearse a bedroom scene.  And Jimmy gives a final farewell and thank you to the cast and crew of his first feature film.

Directed & Edited by Jimmy Weber
Series and Feature Shot & Produced by Hawk Vaccaro  
Bonus Episodes Shot by Jon Stevenson and Jimmy Weber
Produced by Annie Baker
Music by I Know You, Rider & Native Daughters